Klaus Guingand represents France  for "Art warning the world" and creator 

of this artwork.

​Visual artist & creator of "Art warning the world"a global artwork for freedom. He is an warrior artist adept of Cynic philosophy its purpose is not aesthetic but critical. Intelligent, very cultured, nomad generous very determined and humanist. He was encouraged by the art dealer Leo Castelli and supported by the art critic Pierre Restany. Subjects for his works; God, truth, reality, time and our fears. It is an efficient and helpful art for human. 1987 to 1995 for his art work "Shadow" 200 international personality posed for him. In March 1995, he exhibited at the Louvre (Fossét Charles V) in Paris.
2005 to 2009 , artists such as Jasper Johns, Yayoi Kusama, Miquel Barcelo, Brice Marden, Pierre Soulages, Erwin Wurm, Wim Delvoye, Bernar Venet, D.Oppenheim, Jan Fabre, and others participate in his work Shadow follows the subtance. In 2009, during "Art Basel Miami Beach" he exhibited Mafiart a monumental artwork. He has exhibited in France, Japan and USA Some of his works are in private collections. ---

Klaus Guingand and his flag with the sentence in French.
Klaus Guingand and his flag with the sentence in French.
Flag: 39,37 x 59 inches / Sentence gold 24K thread embroidered / Signed

Video by the visual artist Klaus Guingand for France.

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