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January 01 2020
Souvenir et pensée pour César Baldaccini. (01/01/1921 - 06/12/1998)
+) Artwork done by César
Acrylic on canvas 78 ¾ X 59 1/8 in.
Signed by Klaus Guingand and César.
Klaus Guingand and; César
© Muriel Guingand
César realizes the artwork (One compression) - 1993


December 24,2019
100 years - Happy Birthday Pierre Soulages.
Pierre Soulages and me in 2005, in one of his Parisian art studio.
Klaus Guingand and Pierre Soulages - 2005

Klaus Guingand in transit...
video by M.Guingand

My new artwork
Vito Genovese, Frank Costello, Meyer Lansky, Totò Riina, Sam Giancana.
Al Capone, John Gotti, Lucky Luciano, Bugsy Siegel, Pablo Escobar.

Acrylic, blood and Posca markers.
Tarpaulin : 123.27 in x 57 in.
This work has been awaiting creation since 2008.

 September 26,2019
RIP  Mister Président Jacques Chirac.
Klaus Guingand and Jacques Chirac - 1995

Tribute to Leo Castelli
Klaus Guingand T-shirt  (Just one)
Created in 2019

I finishing my work of art.
#klausguingand #art #painting #contemporaryart

June, 2019
Hommage à Pierre Restany
Tribute to Pierre Restany
Klaus Guingand T-shirt  (Just one)
Created in June 2019

June 24, 2019
Thoughts to my friend Pierre Restany still alive in my mind.
(June 24,1930 – May 29, 2003) 
Klaus Guingand and Pierre Restany

klaus Guingand artworks 
-2020 - WALK TO THE PARK - 
- KILL IT ! -
Copyright K. Guingand
klaus Guingand artworks
in Beverly Hills 

February 19, 2019


Klaus Guingand and Karl Lagerfeld - 1995

Karl Lagerfeld is dead, but his shadow will remain.
Acrylic on canvas 78 ¾ X 59 1/8 in.(200x150cm) Signed by Klaus Guingand and Karl Lagerfeld.
Karl Lagerfeld's shadow - 1995
Acrylic on canvas 78 ¾ X 59 1/8 in.(200x150cm)
Signed by Klaus Guingand and Karl Lagerfeld.


November 30, 2018
Klaus Guingand artwork future - 2019
#klausguingand #mojavedesert 
Copyright Klaus Guingand

November, 2018
Ai Weiwei and Klaus Guingand
in Beverly Hills

Klaus Guingand and Takashi Murakami
in Beverly Hills

Visite of my friend Zhen Gao of the "Gao Brothers " China comtemporary artists. Good time. My friends for seven years.
Klaus Guingand and Zhen Gao
in Beverly Hills

October 19, 2018
Revolution in art.
"Art"energy drink by the artist Klaus Guingand .
Art energy drink To understan contemporary art.
First energy drink for the mind".
© Copyright Klaus Guingand
© Klaus Guingand artwork"Art"energy drink - 2016
© Klaus Guingand artwork"Art"energy drink - 2016

August 12, 2018

Klaus Guingand artwork future - 2019
"Nothing is really lost"
Copyright Klaus Guingand
 "Nothing is really lost"

August 3, 2018
Klaus Guingand new artwork textile
Chateau Marmont BomberJacket 
Embroidered jacket bomber "Chateau Marmont"
Two jackets because the sign turns on and off.
This jacket is like a passing dream, a hallucination and finally a frustration.
I give you the secret of this creation. Inside this jacket, a sound system diffuses the sound of my wife's heart that.

Copyright Klaus Guingand

April 7, 2018
Discover my new artwork
"Son of God"
Engraved gold ring
Copyright Klaus Guingand
Engraved gold ring

February 19, 2018
Discover my new artwork
"Ten commandments"
Ten engraved brass knuckles shown in a rotating disc.
Each brass knuckles is engraved with a commandment.
Copyright Klaus Guingand

January 31, 2018
Discover my new artwork
"2020 - walk in the park." 
Baby stroller kevlar interior and fireproof exterior. Interior whit waterproof box. 
LED interior light.
Mini Uzi whit silence radio, Glock 23, MK2, axe,tonfa, dagger, GPS tracker, first Aid kit, flashlights.Hideux four Uzi loaders and three Glock loaders.
Copyright Klaus Guingand

January 28, 2018
Discover my new artwork
"The history of "Art" energy drink began"
Discover a revolution in art. 
"Art" energy drink to understand contemporary art.
First energy drink for the mind.
Create for you by Klaus Guingand.
Copyright Klaus Guingand

January  27, 2018
Discover my new artwork
"Matthew 5.21"
Colt Pyhton .357 Magnum.
Engraved barrel  Matthew 5.21 
Engraved exit of barrel  "You shall not kill"
Six .357 Magnum bullets engraved has two locations, the case:
"You shall not kill" and the rim: Matthew 5.21
"Matthew 5.21" Engraved aluminium gun box:18.5 in, x 3.5 in x 10 inches.
© Klaus Guingand

January, 2018
Discover soon my seven new artworks.
Art in progress.
© Klaus Guingand


December, 2017
Discover soon my seven new artworks.
Art in progress.
© Klaus Guingand 

October 23, 2017
Art in progress with a Python 357 Magnum 6 inches.

July 23, 2017
Since 2006. I am in the Benezit Dictionary of Artists edited by Oxford University Press. Benezit is the reference Dictionary of painters,sculptors and engravers from around the World.

July 13, 2017

In this book Grasping Shadows (2017) edited by Oxford University Press the professor William Chapman Sharpe (Barnard College / Columbia University ) evokes the importance and originality of my artwork Shadows.

March 14, 2017

Art warning the world is the first and unique global artwork of the art history.It took three years to reunite the World. 

My warning translated into 136 national languages and inscribed on the 202 flags of the 200 countries of the world by 202 visual artists all living in their country more 202 videos, 202 photos. "When the word FREEDOM ceases to appear in our dictionaries it will be too late to react." this is sentence created (copyrights 2002) by KG.

More than 11,3 million people have seen the video.

265 press articles in 40 countries.


October 4, 2016

I am on the list of the important contemporary artists (outside China) for China.

September 29, 2016

New Article / Presse / 2016
"Kate Moss a aussi éveillé la créativité d’artistes comme Klaus Guingand, Banksy, Lucian Freud ou même, plus proche de nous, Aka Mr Grey...

September 2, 2016
My new artwork "Art revolution"
Look the vidéo of my new artwork "Art revolution".
Mirar el vídeo de mi nueva obra "Arte revolución"
Regarder la vidéo de ma nouvelle oeuvre "Art révolution"

August, 2016
My new artwork "Spirit of Ecstasy"
Spirit of Ecstasy - Rolls Royce longboard 43 inches
Spirit of Ecstasy - 2016
Rolls Royce longboard 43 inches
© Klaus Guingand 

July 09, 2016
My new artwork "CULTURAL BARBELLS"

Silver chrome Barbell with art  books; Jeff Koons, Nicolas Machiavelli, Friedrich Nietzsche, Diogenes of Sinope, Sun Tzu, Baruch Spinoza, Socrates, Pascal ,Aristotle, Voltaire, Platon and Pablo Picasso, Andy Warlhol, Ai Weiwei,Jackson Pollock, Jean-Michel Basquiat.
Cultural barbells - 2016
Silver chrome Barbell with art books; Jeff Koons, Nicolas Machiavelli, 
Friedrich Nietzsche,Diogenes of Sinope, Sun Tzu, Baruch Spinoza, 
Socrates, Pascal ,Aristotle, Voltaire, Platon and Pablo Picasso,
 Andy Warlhol, Ai Weiwei,Jackson Pollock, Jean-Michel Basquiat
© Klaus Guingand
July 05, 2016
My new artwork "DEVOTION"

Devotion -  24K gold flakes, Led, glass, wood, candles 22 x 11 inches
24K gold flakes, Led, glass, wood, candles 22 x 11 inches

July 05, 2016
After The Rude Lord by Banksy this is The Evil Lord by me. 
After The Rude Lord by Banksy this is The Evil Lord by Guingand.  Oil on canvas 35 x 30 1/4 in. More small reproduction of Banksy artwork.
The Evil Lord - 2016
After The Rude Lord by Banksy this is The Evil Lord by Guingand. 
Oil on canvas 35 x 30 1/4 in.
More small reproduction of Banksy artwork.
© Klaus Guingand

June 01, 2016
Artwork in progress with Ai weiwei, Jeff Koons, Basquiat, Picasso, Andy Warhol, Pollock, Nietzsche, Sun Tzu, Spinoza, Diogenes, Socrates, Pascal, Aslo Aristotle, 
Voltaire, Platon and Machiavelli.
March 27, 2016  #Pâques
My artwork | 2010

Chewing gum spearmint crucifix: 110 in x 58 inches.  The artwork naturally diffuses the smell of mint.

March 27, 2016  #Pâques

Art warning the world,my global artwork.
For Freedom | Vatican

Padre Marcelo and his flag with the sentence in Latin.

February 12, 2016 

Art warning the world a un an


Art warning the World a un an

Jeudi 11 Février 2016

Il y a un an, après trois années passé à chercher un artiste dans chaque pays

du monde je présentais Art warning the World la première oeuvre d'art globale

de l’histoire, une oeuvre (mon avertissement traduit en 136 langues nationales) 

pour la défense de la (de nos) liberté réalisée avec 202 artistes visuels vivant dans

les 200 pays du monde. Cette oeuvre collective a été réalisée volontairement sans

sponsor ni parrainage parce que la liberté ne peut pas être vendue ou récupérée. 

Depuis les (nos) libertés se sont restreintes et cela va continuer,

"Qui ne dit mot consent." Pape Boniface VIII

"L'humanité coule doucement sans avoir le réflexe naturel de se déBATTRE" K.Guingand

"La liberté est la valeur fondamentale de l'humanité. j'ai agi en tant qu'homme

et artiste libre contiennent de l'état du monde, des difficultés et des souffrances

que vivent ou vivront mes contemporains. Ma priorité est l'humain, je suis pour

un Art efficace et utile, car si la majorité de l'humanité ne s'intéresse pas à l'art,

c'est que l'art est sourd et aveugle aux réalités du monde."K.Guingand

Je remercie l'aide de Dieu.

Je remercie ma compagne Muriel qui a consacré 
avec moi quatre années de sa vie pour cette oeuvre.

Je remercie les 201 artistes qui m'ont suivi.
 Je remercie les 11 438 642 personnes

qui ont vu la vidéo d'Art warning the World.

Je remercie ceux qui la visionneront.

Pour moi l'Art a rempli sa fonction, Klaus Guingand

February 11, 2016 \ J-1

Art warning the world,my global artwork.

For Freedom | The World.

January 3, 2016
Art warning the world,my global artwork.
For Freedom,202 visual artists from 200 different countries...

Art warning the world,my global artwork.

For Freedom |  Corsica -  Gypsies - Tibet

Art warning the world -
Corsica,Gypsies and Tibet


December 2015

December 24

My new sweatshirt creation
L'Ultimate Art Fighting Championship.
© Klaus Guingand

December, 2015
My new sweatshirt creation.
© Klaus Guingand

December 20, 2015
Art warning the world,my global artwork.
For Freedom | Switzerland - Sweden

 Art warning yhe world - 
Switzerland and Sweden

December 14, 2015
Art warning the world,my global artwork.
For Freedom | Russia - Kenya
Art warning the world - 
Russia and Kenya

December 6, 2015

"L'espoir est vain"
Urne électorale en plexiglas 40 x 40 cm.
néon vert clignotant et enveloppes. 
My artwork 2010

November 24, 2015
Art warning the world,my global artwork.
For Freedom | Belgium Wallonia - Belgium Flanders  

 Art warning the world - 
November 21, 2015
Art warning the world
,my global artwork.

For Freedom | Mali - France

  Art warning the world -
 Mali and France
November 14, 2015
Art warning the world for Freedom.

My global artwork to defend freedom with 202 artists living in 200 different countries

Convinced that the word freedom (and all that it represents and involves) will disappear 
from the dictionaries, I invited 201 artists to join me, to create this artwork to warn humanity of the risks that it incurs if it does not react in time. Each of these artists lives in his country. 
Each artist has translated into his national language,my warning 
"Quand le mot liberté disparaitra des dictionnaires, il sera trop tard pour réagir."

November 4, 2015

Article sur mon œuvre globale
Art warning the world

October 23, 2015
My interview


Septembre / Octobre 2015
Connaissez-vous l'art global ?
Article de Frédéric Taddeï sur mon œuvre globale Art warning the world
ARTS MAGAZINE Septembre / Octobre 2015.Connaissez-vous l'art global ? Article de Frédéric Taddeï sur Art warning the world et Klaus Guingand

June 11, 2015

Art warning the world & Klaus Guingand 
Invité par Frédéric Taddei sur Europe1 à Social club (extrait)

My painting | 2015
Klaus Guingand painting
Oil on canvas
102,36 x 51,18 inches


My artwork | 2015

My artwork 2005 / 2012
Click on the picture to see the artwork.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"
Leonard de Vinci

Klaus Guingand Studio :Shadow paintings - 1994


Each personality poses for Guingand so that he can immortalize his shadow.
Each personality chose its installation.
Each shadow is painted on a 78 ¾ X 59 1/8 in canvas.
Acrylique sur toile de 200 x 150 cm
Each personality  signs  the painting with Guingand.
220 international stars & celebrities have posed for him (1987 / 2002)
Guingand is the painter who made posed the greatest number of personalities in the world.

Click on the names to see the artwork

Marc Lavoine
Antoine Decaunes
Eddie Barclay
Muriel Robin
Paul Belmondo
Jean-Jacqques Goldman
Patrick Bruel
Claude MC Soolar
Véronique Genest
Marc Cerrone
Anthony Delon
Christophe Dechavanne
Édouard Balladur