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November 2015
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November 24
Art warning the world,my global artwork.
For Freedom | BELGIUM

 Art warning the world - Belgium


November 21
Art warning the world,my global artwork.
For Freedom | Mali - France

                   Art warning the world - Mali                               Art warning the world - France


November 14
Art warning the world for Freedom.

my global artwork to defend freedom with 202 artists living in 200 different countries
Convinced that the word freedom (and all that it represents and involves) will disappear from the dictionaries, I invited 201 artists to join me, to create this artwork to warn humanity of the risks that it incurs if it does not react in time. Each of these artists lives in his country. 
Each artist has translated into his national language,my warning 
"Quand le mot liberté disparaitra des dictionnaires, il sera trop tard pour réagir."


November 4
Article sur mon œuvre globale
Art warning the world


October 2015

October 23 
My interview for Artivism Contemporary Art



Septembre / Octobre 2015
Connaissez-vous l'art global ?
Article de Frédéric Taddeï sur mon œuvre globale Art warning the world

ARTS MAGAZINE Septembre / Octobre 2015.Connaissez-vous l'art global ? Article de Frédéric Taddeï sur Art warning the world et Klaus Guingand


June 11
Art warning the world & Klaus Guingand 
Invité par Frédéric Taddei sur Europe1 à Social club (extrait)


My painting | 2015


My artwork | 2015


Shadow follows the substance
My artwork 2005 / 2012
Click on the picture to see the artwork.


Shadow paintings 1987 / 2002 

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"
Leonard de Vinci

Klaus Guingand Studio :Shadow paintings - 1994

Each personality poses for Guingand so that he can immortalize his shadow.
Each personality chose its installation.
Each shadow is painted on a 78 ¾ X 59 1/8 in canvas.
Acrylique sur toile de 200 x 150 cm

Each personality  signs  the painting with Guingand.
220 international stars & celebrities have posed for him (1987 / 2002)
Guingand is the painter who made posed the greatest number of personalities in the world.

Click on the names to see the artwork

Alain Bashung
Marc Lavoine
Thierry Ardisson
Etienne Daho
Paolo Calia
Wadeck Stanczak
Antoine Decaunes
Ticky Holgado
Bernadette Lafont
Farid Chopel
Catherine Lara
Jean-Yves Lafesse
Jean-Pierre Kalfon
Christian Clavier
Marie-Anne Chazel
Lama Jigmé Rimonché


Eddie Barclay
Muriel Robin
Paul Belmondo
Jean-Jacqques Goldman
Patrick Bruel
Claude MC Soolar
Véronique Genest
Marc Cerrone
Anthony Delon
Christophe Dechavanne
Édouard Balladur