Klaus Guingand was encouraged by Léo Castelli and supported by Pierre Restany two myths of art history of 20 century

Future, Solo show  Los Angeles - USA.
Realization of an artwork on Hollywood. 
June, solo show with video "Art warning the World" at the “Athena zaal” of the Royal Atheneum, Antwerp - Belgium

January: Open art studio at the Cité Internationale des Arts de Paris.

May 5 / June 3: Salon de Montrouge - France: Participate at the artwork of Pierre Buttin " 500 signatures " with artists as; Adel Abdessemed, Jean-Michel Alberola, Daniel Buren,Sophie Calle, John Cornu, Invader, Ange Leccia, François Morellet, Pierre Soulages, Bernar Venet, Claude Viallat, Jacques Villeglé.
February 12:  After 30 months of production launch Art warning the World the global artwork for the defense of the freedom with 202 visual artists, living in 200 different countries. This artwork gathers 201 visual artists, 200 countries, 201 flags, 201 videos, 201 photos and the warning of Guingand translates into 135 national languages.
Art event - A night with art - First public video projection - Lille Grand Palais - Lille
The video (vimeo) of "Art warning the World" was seen by more than 11 279 822 people.
November - Projection of video "Art warning the World" in the Cité Internationale des Arts de Paris.   

2014 to 2016
In residence in the Cité Internationale des Arts de Paris.

June: Art event - Copy Copains Club - Curated byThomas Cheneseau for Super Art Modern Museum. Gaîté Lyrique - Paris
Artists copying artists like; Ai Weiwei, Banksy, Daniel Buren, Claude Lévéque, Ron Mueck, Klaus Guingand, Orlan.

Production of the global artwork "Art warning the World" by looking for a visual artist in every country of the World.

September 20 / December 15: Show with Banksy,Obey -Curated by stefan Lebenson - Abbaye des Capucins -Toulouse
June 25 / September 3: Group show " Art on Paper 2 " with Banksy,Obey,Eine,Dain,Wildcat - Lebenson Gallery - Paris
May 7 / June 14: Group show " Art on Paper " with Banksy,Obey,Tom Wesselmann,Rero - Lebenson Gallery - Paris. 

October 20 / 24 : Fiac off Cutlog - Paris
He co-authored with his wife the film « La Fente »
September 4 / 30 : Group show - Showcased - Calix Gustav Gallery- Miami
April 15 / 30: Group show - Artists - Galerie G - Paris
January 28: Art event - Wynwood Arts District - Calix Gustav Gallery - Miami
December 2009 / Februrary 2010 : Group show - Crit* - Calix Gustav Gallery - Miami

Februrary : He co-authored with his wife the film Découvertes /Réactions,40 people discovers the Klaus Guingand artwork. This film was part of the best of the art and the creation of "The Force of the art" it was also broadcast on Cultures TV and Art Chanel Tv.
December 2 /8 : Group show - Monitoring Art - Art Basel Miami Beach
October/November : Group show MAFIART - Calix Gustav Gallery - Miami 
August/September : Solo show - In God We Trust - Galerie Arty- St Tropez 

Guingand enters Top ten of art critic (U.K) Rebecca Wilson, Saatchi Magazine

April : Solo show - Open door art studio - Chelsea, New York

2005/ 2012
Shadow follows the substance  20 shadows paintings of 20 famous contemporary artists.
Each artist pose for Guingand, so that he can immortalize his shadow.
Each shadow is painted on a canvas 78 ¾ X 59 inches.
Each artist signs the painting with Guingand.
Each artist answers the same question.
Each meeting is filmed. 
Artists have participated :

It creates a video installation work which has as a title The Heart of Art.

May: Solo show - Shadows - Gallery Morris - Los Angeles.

1998 / 2003 
Work on artwork except standard with the support and active participation of Pierre Restany.
who becomes in 1999, art expert of this artwork.

August: Art show - FUJI Gallery - Tokyo / Japan.
Fuji TV Gallery was the first gallery to introduce contemporary art in Japan.

June: Guingand organizes an art auction of this Shadows to fight against AIDS in partnership with two French TV Channel, TF1Canal + andDrouot  with this  with the patronage of the French Minister of Culture and the sponsor of Carla BruniClaudia Schiffer and Peter Gabriel.
May: Solo show - Ombres - Cirque d'Hiver - Paris
May: Solo show - Ombres - Hotel Carlton *****L, during the film festival in Cannes - france
March: Solo show "100 shadows" - Louvre museum (Foss Charles V)Paris,Under the patronage of the French Prime Minister Mr.E. Balladur.
Guingand creates the first $ 100 dollarts Guingand bill.

Guingand is a donor of Operation "Les enchères de l'espoir" of TF1, France 2, France 3, Canal +, M6, Arte, under the patronage of Minister of Culture Mr. Jacques Toubon, Minister of Health Mr. Philippe Douste-Blazy and the Minister of Communication Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy.
Guingand creates the words Mafiart (is TM) and Dollart (is TM)
Appointment with Pierre Restany beginning of their friendship.

October : Solo show - Ombres - Chalon-sur-Saône Art Center, under the patronage of Minister Mr Dominique Perben.
September : Solo show - Ombres - Galerie Laurent Strouk - Paris
Léo Castelli visits his studio in Paris 

November : Salon des Indépendants - Grand Palais in Paris
Appointment with Léo Castelli

October : Contemporary artists - Grand Palais - Paris 
May : Solo show - Ombres - "Galerie 50avenue Montaigne, in Paris

Author of TV concept " Question"  for the show "Double Jeu"  of Thierry Ardisson.

June / August : Solo show - Ombres - Meta galerie - Paris


For one year, each Saturday evening two shadow paintings are presented in the most famous tv show "Lunettes noires pour nuits blanches" on the National Channel France 2.

September, October, November : Solo show - Ombres - Espace Privilège - Paris

1987/ 2002
Since 1987, he created truly original pictorial works by immortalizing the (life-size) shadow of international celebrities who have posed for him and co-signs these unique works. Each shadow is painted on a canvas 
78 ¾ X 59 inches.
200 international stars & celebrities have posed for him :Movie stars, actors, actresses, movie director, rock stars, singers, Jazz mens, writers, Photographers, Top models, fashion desingers, dancer, humouristes, sportsmen, desingers, humanistic, lawyer, politicians, contemporary artists,art personalities art like,Léo Castelli and Pierre Restany.
Guingand is the painter who made posed the greatest number of personalities in the world.

1984/ 1986
Created 70 sculptures.